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We the undersigned, including 9/11 family members, survivors, first responders, and their supporters, petition the Executive Branch of the Government of the United States to release complete and un-redacted versions of documents related to the investigations of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

There is no question that Al Qaeda needed a large support network of operatives inside the United States to successfully carry out the 9/11 attacks.  Yet, aside from one minor participant, there have been no indictments, no prosecutions, and hence, no convictions of the persons responsible for the murder of 2,977 people, those countless injured, and those who have died or fallen ill as a direct result of the attacks since.

The FBI, CIA and other government agencies investigated the attacks.  A Congressional Joint Inquiry and the 9/11 Commission based their reports on those investigations.  All ten 9/11 Commissioners pledged to release the complete 9/11 Commission Archive by 2009.  That did not happen.

In addition, the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies have consistently refused to release thousands of relevant documents, most of which are now well over a decade old.

There is simply no credible national security or other reason for our government to continue to withhold these documents.

The United States government has used a variety of bogus excuses to withhold documents from the 9/11 families and, in turn, the American people.  

For example:
• The Department of Justice insisted that the families must first provide “an authorization (privacy waiver) signed by Usama Bin Laden.”
• The FBI claimed it did not want to disturb the privacy of convicted Al Qaeda terrorists in the Supermax prison in Colorado and others at GITMO, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
• The State Department demanded that families had to submit the hijackers’ death certificates.

Those relatively minimal documents that have been released by the FBI have been heavily redacted and have concealed the key information identifying the persons who established the support network for the Al Qaeda hijackers.  For example, an October 5, 2012, FBI report that was partially declassified in 2016 confirmed that Saudi government officials al-Thumairy and al-Bayoumi provided substantial assistance to the hijackers at the direction of other higher level Saudi government officials.  But the names of those officials were redacted by the FBI and the FBI has refused to publicly identify them.  The key portion of the FBI report states:

There is no reason for the FBI to continue to obstruct justice for the 9/11 families and thereby to protect Saudi Arabia.  There can be no justification for the U.S. government to hide the identity of those persons who acted for Al Qaeda inside the United States to provide the critical support network for the hijackers, or for it to hide other information critical to the pursuit of justice.

Therefore, we call on:

  • The President of the United States
  • The Director of the FBI
  • The Director of National Intelligence
  • The Director of the CIA
  • The Director of the National Archives
  • The Attorney General
  • The Secretary of State
  • The Secretary of the Treasury
  • The Secretary of Defense
  • The Secretary of Homeland Security

to immediately declassify and publicly release complete and un-redacted versions of all documents and information (that do not jeopardize investigative sources and techniques) related to the investigations of the September 11th attacks.

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    It will be 18 years this September and we have gone all these years without answers…..who was behind all of this. Why did Pres Bush allow Saudi people to leave the country when no one else was coming or going, everything was on lock down. What did they have to do with all of this. Release and declassify 911….It is time….help us to lose the wounds. My son Ff Nicholas Rossomando was murdered that day while trying to save others.

    There was nothing of him left to bring home…..preserve his dignity……Barbara Scaramuzzino – Mother
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    Unblock the pages
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    It's time to release key documents related to 9/11. Sign the petition.
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    It's time to release key documents related to 9/11. Sign the petition.
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    It's time to release key documents related to 9/11. Sign the petition.
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    Never quit.
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    My brother Geoff Campbell was murdered on 9/11. The #911CoverUp continues today …