Deadline: Friday, September 12, 2019 


At a congressional hearing on July 23, 2019 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray refused to tell the US Senate if his department would produce documents and, further, he refused to meet with 9/11 community members.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI have ignored the unanimously passed United States Senate Resolution 610 to declassify the 9/11 documents. 

The FBI and DOJ have until September 12, 2019 to provide the court with its decision regarding whether or not they will give 9/11 families the documents that would reveal Saudi officials' involvement in 9/11.

Call and email the 5 numbers and 2 email addresses below. 

Here is what you can say:

Introduce yourself and explain the relationship to your murdered, sick or injured loved one and if you are a survivor, first responder, family member or friend of one. 

Let them know you want the FBI and DOJ to stop protecting the Saudis for their role in 9/11 and to STOP PUTTING THE INTERESTS OF SAUDI ARABIA OVER THOSE OF THE VICTIMS OF 9/11.

The 9/11 community will not be silenced - DECLASSIFY NOW!

If they tell you they are frustrated or can’t help the response should be we’ve been frustrated for 18 years and tell them to tell their boss!

 *If you cannot get through or get disconnected or are put on hold, PLEASE KEEP CALLING.


You can call as many times as you'd like. The numbers and emails are:

We URGENTLY ask you, as well as family and friends to begin by calling the FBI
Victims Assistant Office.

FBI Victims Assistant Office - 877 236 8947 - press 6 once the call is answered with a recorded message for the Terrorism Victim Line. You will be asked to leave your name and phone number along with your message so your call can be returned. 

FBI NY Headquarters - 212 384 1000 press 6 - Staffed 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, call anytime.

FBI HQ in DC 202 324 3000

DOJ Comment Line - 202 353 1555

DOJ Legal Office Headquarters - 202 514 2051 

FBI NY Community Outreach - nyoutreach@ic.fbi.gov

DOJ Crime Victim Services - askovc@ncjrs.gov

Please feel free to share the address to this webpage on social media and invite family and friends to call and email.

Our government is attempting to keep secret documents that reveal information implicating those responsible for this horrific mass murder and attack on our nation.

All of America should be outraged.


Please check back at this website for continued updates.

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  • Diane Avellini
  • Mary Clark
    Declassify the 9/11 documents now
  • Mary Clark
    I’m a survivor with 4 illnesses. Born and raised American. Declassify the 9/11 documents now! My brother has cancer too. Declassify the 9/11 documents now!
  • Kathi Brennan-Talbott
    The 9/11 family and friends have a right to know the real truth!
  • Allan Seidl
    There are too many unanswered questions and the official story stinks if simplistic lies. Have a real investigation and get the truth out.
  • Cathleen Martineau
  • Alice Hoagland
    9/11 families deserve to know everything their government knows about the 9/11 terrorist butchers and their ugly supporters, whether those supporters are U.S. “allies” or not. AG Barr should release all documents, and cease to focus solely on protecting DOJ and FBI sources and methods.